What more is there to life?

Who is this lady who got the crazy idea that someone would want to click on the “about me link” and read facts and tidbits about her? Well that's me, Shawnda Turner. At least that's who I am at this very moment while writing this. If you are reading this after November 9, 2019 I will be Shawnda McBeth (so excited!) But for now I’ll let you know who I am as it stands now.

I am a super busy, super lazy, little bit outgoing, kinda shy, sometimes funny, always helpful, scatter brained gal from Richmond, California. I am a fiancé, daughter, niece, sister, friend, cousin, granddaughter, tete, and this list continues.

From a young age I couldn't get comfortable with the concept of the word complacency and I constantly searched for the next thing. I think this was fueled by the idea in my heart that I was truly capable of doing anything that I put my mind and effort behind. You want to play the piano, done. You want to be a cheerleader, done. You want to graduate college, done. You want to work in Human Resources, done. You want to buy a house, done. You want to start a blog, done. All I needed to do all these things was a belief in myself and the faith that God placed me on this earth to do great things and make a difference. I pray that I can provide that same belief in yourself to anyone who reads this blog.

I enjoy having fun and brightening people’s day. Making an impact is one of my life goals. What inspired me to put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard, and share my experiences is to give a little kick in the pants to those who are like me: those who put other people first and put their own dreams and goals on the backburner because of fear and not feeling worthy enough. I’m here to tell you that you are worthy of achieving every single dream that you ever had. The only thing really stopping you is you.

Some other things to note about me are the following: I love to eat (especially tacos, thai food, dim sum, and cupcakes). I love sleep and try to do it all the time. Talking in memes and gifs are like a native tounge for me. I currently live with my handsome fiancé whom I met in junior high school. I can’t wait to continue living life as his hot wife. Lastly but definitely not least, I get to feed my desire to help people by actively serving in my church. My relationship with God is super tight and I talk to Him constantly. He’s one of my favorite homies. Shout out to G.O.D!